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The Cramp Twins The Cramp Twins

Regular fans of the Cartoon Network will instantly recognise the name of their ever popular 'The Cramp Twins', which is a cartoon series featuring the two main stars, Wayne Cramp and Lucien Cramp. The Cramp Twins, although definite siblings aren't what you'd call identical twins and have many physical differences to each other as well as sharing lots of different personality traits and characteristics!

Both Wayne and Lucien live with their mother in the area of Soap City and Mrs Cramp is absolutely obsessed with keeping everything clean in the house, including their father and the two twins. So much so in fact, in many episodes we're treated to both Lucien and Wayne being scrubbed to literally an inch within their lives by Mrs Cramp!

Dorothy Cramp is probably living with OCD, although the show never actually states this and Horace Cramp has a morbid fascination with all things Western and is in love with Rodeo Rita, the Country & Western Singer in the show. The two main cartoon characters revolve around their inability to get on with one another, but occasionally we do see glimpses of friendship coming through, but they are few and far between. Sibling rivalry is admirably portrayed here between both Lucien (the slightly older twin) and Wayne in many different circumstances and events.

Lucien's pals are numerous and he tends to stick with positive characters like his key friend Tony Parsons who lives in a house next door to the swamp and others like Luke and Mari Harrison. Lucien is definitely the more intelligent within the twinned pair and generally has high sensitivity levels, sometimes showing a tendency to overreact a little when Wayne mercilessly picks on him using his nickname of choice - 'girl pants' or 'nerd'.

Lucien loves the environment and is very eco-aware, eats a vegetarian diet of choice, is a positive nerd about science subjects and is forever hiding his desperately wanted pets from Dorothy Cramp who won't allow their 'dirty presence' in the house. Often portrayed, Lucien has a particular phobia about clowns and gets quite frightened if any are around him. If he needs to relax and get away from his brother's torment, the local swamp is a great place to chill out and escape reality for a while.

Wayne though prefers the opposite kind of friendship to Lucien pretty much as you'd expect and his mates include Dirty Joe who is the proprietor of a local dump site and the ever loving Wendy Winkle who lives in the posh part of town. Wendy lives with her father who lavishes attention on every need she has (and is actually the boss of Mr Cramp) who has a constant crush on poor Wayne, who doesn't reciprocate the adoration shown. In fact during many hilarious episodes Wayne tries to escape the clutches of Wendy who never seems to get very far in her undying like and love of the ultimate bad boy Wayne.

Physically Wayne looks quite different to Lucien and for starters he has a rather vivid purple colouring to his skin, but he's also quite a bit taller than Lucien and uses that to his advantage in many ways, especially when compensating for his comparatively less intelligent mind.

Wayne is a sugarholic and loves anything sugary, sweet or bad for him, in fact his sickly breakfast cereals have often sent Lucien into extreme overdrive when they've swapped personal choices in the morning. Like Lucien, Wayne has a fear too and his is set around a phobia involving frogs - he can't stand them, so luckily for Lucien, he avoids going to the swamp area to pester him there.

We see many episodes where both Wayne and Lucien are at school and getting involved in all kinds of problems, adventures and typical playground pranks and their teacher Miss Hilary Hissy, the bizarre pear-shaped character, is pretty scary to look at.

Wayne is forever trying to land poor Lucien in hot water and rather mischievously will attempt to create trouble for him at school and back at home in a bid to cause punishment for Lucien, which sometimes lands Wayne into bother too.

The Cramp Twins was originally released within the UK back in 2001, first on CBBC within the BBC1 programming schedule and currently it has regular slots on the Cartoon Network, where it can be enjoyed pretty much on a daily basis.

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