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Johnny TestJohnny Test

Johnny Test is an 11 year old boy who lives with his parents. Lila his mother who is a workaholic business woman and his dad Hugh, a house husband who is slightly obsessed with cleaning and keeping things spick and span!

Johnny also lives with his sisters who are 13 year old mega minded twins Mary and Susan and they love testing their ray gun and other inventions on Johnny and his clever talking dog Dukey. Dukey was the result of one of their experiments and now has human intelligence as well as his ability to talk. Dukey is also a bit of a coward and worries when he and Johnny get into tricky situations.

Johnny and the Test family live in the fictional town of Pork Belly and face lots of interesting things such as dealing with the school bully or his rivals, fighting crime and baddies and dodging the secret service who is watching the family very closely.

Johnny will do anything to get out of work and that could be getting away with not doing his chores or avoiding school work and will often turn to his sister’s experiments to find an easy option, which always ends in some sort of trouble.

When trouble happens Johnny is often heard saying “whoa, didn't see that coming”and once in strife Johnny and Dukey have to work out how to put things right and back to normal before he gets grounded (again!).

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