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A bear rabbit cat thing, that is the best description of Chowder, oh and he likes to eat! Eating gets him in trouble and then he often has to eat his way out of trouble.

Chowder is an apprentice chef and lives in Marzipan City with his friends and mentors Mung Daal a master chef with a tremendous moustache ,and truffles his wife who is a mushroom pixie. Mung and Truffles have been married for 450 years which is a feat in itself!

Chowder is about 12 years old and has ideas of being the greatest chef in the world, his tongue is super tuned to lots of different tastes and he really enjoys eating, technically the chubby little fellow should be obese with the amount of food he devours.

The other important person who works at Mung Daal Catering is Snitzchel, a grey rock monster who is a qualified chef but normally gets lumbered with more menial tasks such as mopping the floor, often after Chowder has made a mess! Everyone in Marzipan City can understand Snitzchel and he enjoys doing stand up comedy for them, however the viewer can only guess at what he is saying.

All the people in Marzipan City have food related names such as his best friend Gazpacho who is a woolly mammoth who sells weird and wonderful food from his market stall.

One phrase you will often hear Chowder screaming every episode is “I am Not Your Boyfriend!” as he fights off the advances of Panini a pretty little bunny who is also a chefs apprentice, but under the scary control of Miss Endive a huge fierce woman with an enormous bottom! Panini's main wish in life is too marry Chowder and have dozens of babies which makes Chowder run for the hills.

Chowder and his friends are all brightly coloured and you will notice that the patterns of their clothes move as they do. During each episode there is also a short segment where the animation switches to puppets this is normally at the end and reassembles the style of ‘The Muppets’.

Chowder Video

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