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Ben 10 Chowder

Ben Tennyson is a ten year old boy who reluctantly spends his summer vacation with Grandpa Max and his Cousin Gwen travelling around America in Grandpa Max's motor home.

Early into his vacation a bright light is seen in the sky and as Ben watches it crash into the ground forming a large crater, Ben did what any ten year old boy would do, and he went to investigate. Once at the crater he found what looked like a watch and as he reached down to touch it the object wrapped itself around his wrist and fused to his body!

The watch is called the omnitrix and contains the DNA of 10 different aliens! Ben soon found out that if he pressed the omnitrix he would transform into one of these aliens, having super powers and Ben used every opportunity he could to turn into a super hero but at the same time keeping his identity a closely guarded secret.

As the series goes on Ben becomes older and the cartoon develops first into Ben 10: Alien Force, later followed by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. The later shows portray Ben and Gwen as 16 year olds and their “friend” Kevin as a 17 year old. As the series progresses the omnitrix becomes stronger  and it acquires more alien DNA which in turn gives Ben the ability to transmorph into even more heroes. Ben has his favourite aliens and gives them all names such as ‘4 arms’, ‘brain storm’ and ‘echo echo’.

Gwen from an early age had a passion for the wicker and magic and as the series moves forward her powers become stronger, from a young ten year old with a spell book to a teenager that could control purple beams of light from her finger tips to help battle evil forces.

Kevin Levin is what some might call a juvenile delinquent! If there is trouble or has been trouble, it is likely that he has been there or knows some one who has been there. Kevin has the ability to turn his body into what ever substance he touches, so in a fight you will see him go for the closest metal object! Unfortunately, due to an accident involving the omnitrix Kevin lost the ability to control his body changes and is then made from metal wood and stone. To prevent himself being seen as a freak, he invented a face mask to make him look like a human being.

Grandpa Max is the dark horse here. Everyone thinks he is just a lovely grandpa who can’t cook a decent meal, however it transpires that Grandpa Max is a retired plumber and not the sort that fixes pipes! A plumber is a name for an interstellar policeman. The motor home he travels in is nicknamed the rust bucket and that too holds a secret, at the touch of a button or two the rust bucket becomes an alien war horse, complete with satellites and missiles.

Ben and his team battle aliens and bad guys to make the planet Earth a better and safer place to live.

Ben 10 Video

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - The Purge, Part 1