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Welcome to Cartoon Characters!

Whether you're young or old, Cartoon Characters are a popular and extremely entertaining entertainment for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. For Children and Young People the fun, fascination and excitement of all the available cartoons on television and cinema today is a fantastic and enjoyable way to spend an hour or two whilst engaged in a safe, family-friendly entertainment. For grown-ups, you're never too old to re-live your favourite cartoon characters of the past and once again enjoy those childhood memories from yesteryear!

Cartoon Characters present powerful images and as we grow older, like The Simpsons family, they stay ageless; fond times and the nostalgia we share with our favourite cartoons never dwindles and they forever stay with us throughout life. Cartoons and their characters are a brilliant way to be entertained and step into the animated world, so what could be better than to lose ourselves in cartoons for a while and escape normality?!

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For information about a cartoon character or their origins and details, we aim to provide that information all in our handy and simple to navigage guides, where we are proud to present older characters from cartoons that have been around many years (such as Tom and Jerry) or newer offerings being presented today such as The Cramp Twins, Ned's Newt and the Powerpuff Girls!

So come on in, join us as we tour the magical world of Cartoon Characters - lose yourself in the animation of fun and laughter!